Sally Lee

I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. Nobody should suffer that long. I didn’t feel the obvious answer was to go to a doctor. That may have been obvious to every single person around me, but not one person ever said that. I was surrounded by people saying you just need to not take things so personally. That just went on for way, way too long.Read more

John Belcher

Having been depressed has been a major positive for me. It’s one of these things, if you live through it: difficult times make you grow. My motivations have changed—what I think is important. My priorities are more oriented towards people as opposed to doing scientific projects. I still enjoy sitting in front of a computer at the Linux command line. That’s what I used to do all the time. Now I’m a little more multifaceted.Read more

Karen Hao

The scariest part of my depression was looking at myself in the mirror and no longer recognizing who I was. I felt like I had adopted other people’s priorities and values, and I didn’t really know what I cared about any more, what I valued, who at my core I wanted to be. Read more