Lydia Krasilnikova

It’s so important not to prioritize career over family. You don’t realize what people are doing in your life, what roles they’re playing, sometimes until they die. And you don’t know what you are holding together in other people’s lives. You might not know that you are the glue holding together so much, because you take yourself for granted, just like we take other people for granted. Before my grandfather died, he had been holding up so much. I had no idea.Read more

Mary Tellers

I imagined I was at the bottom of this dark pit and trying to scrabble my way up the sides. When I got on medicine, it was like someone said, “here’s a step stool”. So I was still in the pit, but I was five feet closer to the top. I swallowed up any bit of pride that I had had, and took every bit of help I could get. Gradually I started getting better.Read more

Taylor Shaw

I was at MGH for five weeks. I don’t remember that period at all. Apparently I was what they call “storming”, which means my eyes were open, and I was flailing my arms and legs around. My prognosis was Persistent Vegetative State. Doctors like to give you medication to try to stop the storming, but my dad disagrees with all of that. He found the best way to calm me down was to give me massages and play music to me.Read more

Caterina Colon

On top of everything, I started having flashbacks. I felt so guilty because I was such a rude child. I was sure my attitude had killed my mother. I was very depressed, but at that time I had no idea. I was just, like: well, my mom died. What is the point? We’re all going to die. I’m supposed to be sad. I just didn’t expect everything to go so completely wrong.Read more