Therese Henderson

He said you’re not going back to school. I was terrified. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. What does this mean for my life? What does this mean for my future? You have to go to school. I had no support from anyone. It was pretty bleak. The school was not coming to my aid. The teachers that I knew, the librarian that I was friends with, weren’t coming to save me. I couldn’t ask for help. I was ashamed and embarrassed to have such a horrible parent.Read more

Victor Morales

My friends were taking me out to lunch and dinner, spending three, four hours with me, talking about me and me and me all the time. They had become a reason for me to live. How could I take my own life when so many people had invested so much in me? So many people saw—I don’t know what—in me, and I guess they cared or loved me. In that way they communicated to me that they thought it should be worth it for me to survive.Read more

Barbara Johnson

You have no idea how loud the world is, and it is really loud when it first gets turned on. In addition, you have to start understanding what these sounds are. Things I hadn’t heard before, like everything that beeps. My microwave beeping, my dishwasher beeping, all these things that I didn’t know made sounds. Riding in the car, the road noise just felt like it was torture.Read more

Tylor Hess

Motivation used to be in infinite supply for me. Then, suddenly, I had a very finite amount of it, and it was hard to get stuff done. The things that used to bring me pleasure didn’t bring me pleasure anymore. Often, the most routine tasks, like finishing a pset, became paralyzingly overwhelming. At other times, I felt desensitized to stress, like the main character from Office Space who is permanently stuck in a hypnotic state.Read more